By Kieran Webber

Although young Sandcastle Jesus have already built up a strong reputation for their hectic and fiery live performances. One said show got so mad that they were temporarily banned from Essex’ Queen Street Brewhouse.

Although none of us may experience this for a while we can at least revel in their music. Their latest offering ‘Bombshells’ is a retrospective track that is filled to the brim with 90’s rock sensibility.

Cascading guitars come crashing down on the listener, driven forward by hard hitting percussion. Whilst slacker vocals breeze through the noise. It’s an overwhelming sound that utterly infectious.

Speaking on the track the band explained: “It’s well documented that young people’s views don’t always get represented in the media and we wanted to highlight this in our own way. The deeper meaning of the song is open to interpretation, but it’s our statement on the way things are being handled in the public sphere at the moment…”

Listen to ‘Bombshells’ here:

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