By Kieran Webber

The lockdown provided everyone with extra time, a double edged sword in most cases. We all had our own experiences and our own sense of time wasted. Although not directly linked to the lockdown the band give us an insight into the sentiment with new single ‘119’.

It’s a darker, more brooding track than previous release ‘Good Morning Britain’ yet still has the same intensity. Throughout the track there is a pendulum of mood swings. It creates an air of unease that is strangely alluring. The moments of pulsing energy draw you near whilst the moments of calm push you away. ‘119’ boasts the bands ability to create raw and brutally honest music.

Sapphire Blues lays it all out in the open for the listener with this single. If the music continues with this calibre then they will no doubt be sharing the same success as their contemporaries.

Listen to ‘119’ here:

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