Words: Harvey Williams-Fairley | Photography: Jake Lewis

Brexit has been pushed back to October and the amazing souls who make up the Extinction Rebellion have finally been removed from Waterloo Bridge. In light of these political atrocities, camaraderie should be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities. If you’re feeling angry but need a break from the slump of life, then make sure you follow Saxon Zine & Cool Brother as they venture on from The Old Blue Last. Tuesday the 23rd of April was the finale in their 3-night free live music residency, which was a rare spectacle amongst the trash in London’s nightlife offering. Dance your blues away by supporting local bands, pubs and two amazing collaborators. Saxon Zine will be hosting their next event ‘Pres’ at the Shacklewell Arms on the 3rd of May and will include Mermaidens, Ghost Car & Dr Chan.

Deep Tan, a three-piece girl band comprised of Wafah on lead guitar, Celeste on bass and Lisa on drums, was first to take to the stage. Each girl wore a different coloured outfit, Wafah wore white, Celeste black and Lisa red. Whether this was a deliberate move or not I have no idea, however, the colours worked in harmony with the film being projected onto the wall behind the band, which was ‘The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome – by Kenneth Anger’. Deep Tan sounds like The Cure but during the writing of their album ‘Seventeen Seconds’ if it were modernised by the sound of Warpaint and if they were French. At times Waha’s guitar has this Spanish sounding influence and simultaneously a surf-rock vibe. Celeste’s bass lines are fiercely melodic, sexy and energetic! You can tell Celeste loves what she does, as her dance moves personify her playing. Lisa’s drumming is beautifully minimalistic and relies hardly on the use of cymbals, which is rare of most drummers. Instead of crashing cymbals, the mood of Deep Tan’s music is elevated by intense and intricate beats. Deep Tan are a band I’d watch again and again and could listen to their music non-stop, they’re a must see!

Luxury Apartments London
Luxury Apartments by Jake Lewis

Flying off the Mega Ramp of Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater were the three-piece hardcore punk band Luxury Apartments. Fast, aggressive and most of the time completely indecipherable. Luxury Apartments reminded me of an angry tarantula nest. Each band member scrambling over the other with their sound. Luxury Apartments sound like ‘Youth Young’ and ‘Manhood’ by Kings of Leon being performed by the Dead Kennedys. Distorted and crazy, the guitarist and lead singer screamed at the audience ferociously whilst flying about the stage dressed in a leather jacket and fiddlers cap. The bassist played deep droning riffs which sounded like a chainsaw and he danced around the stage like a boot punk from Sweden. The drummer held down D-beat drumming throughout the whole performance and smashed the kit to smithereens. A must watch for any boot stomper.

Next up to the stage were the 5 piece rockabilly outfit, Honkies. Their sound reminded me of Weezer combined with the Minutemen who wrote the Jackass theme tune. Honkies have a strong comedy rock vibe within their music and they’re song ‘Bossman’ made me laugh hysterically. They’re certianly a marmite band, but I’d recommend anyone to go and see them if you get the opportunity.

Last to the stage were the five-piece grunge punks Peeping Drexels, both the sound of the band and the performance of the lead singer reminded me of the late Dale Barclay of the Amazing Snake Heads. Storytelling style shout-singing layered over chaotic and harsh bass driven music. The band performed on stage whilst lit by a projection, it’s unclear what the projection was but it added the mystery of the Peeping Drexels’ performance. The drummer of this band is one of the most insane performers I have seen in a long time. His performance was so aggressive but equally insanely tight. They use a variety of electronic instruments which work in harmony with the with chaotic punk vibes. If you’re looking to dance, or to mosh, then make sure you get to see Peepings Drexels ASAP.

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By Jake Lewis