Photography by Kieran Webber

Eloise Bull

Kent and Falmouth based English student and prehistory fanatic. Lover of music old and new.

Brighton-based R&B rockers donned with cowboy hats and harmonicas, swiftly followed by a punk-rock inspired psych and surf group who ended a night to remember

Finishing their September tour, Trip Westerns came to the Cornish Bank in Falmouth to give an electrifying performance after the recent release of their latest EP, ‘Trip Westerns’. With twangy guitars and steady drums, the band are reminiscent of old western soundtracks, expertly paired with psychedelic soul. The front man’s energetic movements and wide eyes definitely got the crowd going, as he bounced and swung with his guitar on stage. His fittingly jumpy vocals and expertly controlled harmonica playing turned the show into a dramatic performance. Truly an amazing band with an amazing vibe and incredible moustaches, they make it easy to light up a room.

With their new single ‘Victory Day’ and album ‘Denton Rock’, School Disco followed Trip Westerns to end the night with a bang. With course rock n’ roll and head-banging beats, they also finished their tour off right, able to keep the vibes going and the crowd pumping to the end of the night. Their frontman also didn’t disappoint, jumping and head-banging with equally energetic vocals. After the gig, my friends and I were able to speak to them in a local pub, mostly to their drummer Harry, who joined the Brighton-based band later in their career. His skills in both drums and guitar perfectly completes the band’s attitude, giving their music a very much 70s-inspired theme. 

Lovely music and even lovelier people, Trip Westerns and School Disco gave electric performances, turning the night into one to remember with their brilliantly unique styles.

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By Kieran Webber

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