Brighton’s fuzzed-out, riff slinging psych merchants have returned with their rhythmic new single ‘Echoes’, the band’s first release of 2021. The new release marks a fresh sound for the band yet is still reminiscent of the sound they’ve been cultivating in the last few years. It drifts away from the experimental and sits in the more stable territory. However, as is always the way with School Disco this is far from generic.

‘Echoes’ opens up with a sludgy, thumping guitar riff that is backed by snare-driven percussion. The track roller coasters between the stomping riff and spaced-out vocals, creating a sense of mounting pressure. Until around the 3-minute mark where the band can’t keep it in any longer, a burst of percussion and reverb-drenched guitar cascade towards the listener.

It’s another exciting release from one of our favourite bands, as ever they continue to grow and boast their range with every release. Keep your eyes on School Disco, they’re an exciting band.

Listen to ‘Echoes’ here:

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