By Laura Turnbull

Since a handful of releases with Phaked Sound and EEL last year, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the rippling soundscapes of a new seamouse EP. Taking his title from a mythical critter – ‘semi-aquatic, half-seagull half-rat hybrid the size of an armadillo’ –  Cornwall-based producer seamouse crafts ambient textures that are every bit as mind-bendingly magic as his namesake. Sounding something like the Rubik’s Cube conundrums of Beatrice Dillon‘s ‘Workaround’ electronics while at the same time managing to nod towards the sloping lo-fi beats of producers like Ohbliv and Teebs, ‘Simultaneity’ is a precise and hypnotic kind of metamorphosis for the amphibious musician.

Those drunk bedroom beats are a new addition to the Cornish producer’s soundscapes, and they’re what make ‘Snooze Biscuit’ the EP’s sleepy-eyed stand-out. Using samples soaked in reverb and a synth melody that flicks in and out of existence, ‘Snooze Biscuit’ sounds like early-morning commutes, light falling through windows and waking up next to someone you really like. A kind of special, wavering dream state. 

In a month where Glasgow producer Auntie Flo launched Ambient Flo, a 24-hour radio station dedicated to tunes that soothe and calm, an EP like ‘Simultaneity’ is just as welcome. From field recordings that roll out the magic carpet over birdcalls, waves and indistinct chatter to synths that squelch and blurt out ASMR-esque equations, these four tracks are the bliss your uptight soul has been searching for. 

Listen to the full EP here.

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