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Josh Abraham
Josh Abraham

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Galway songwriter Michael D’Alton, the person behind Seba Safe, unveils swirling folk-pop EP ‘Rainy’

A summer beauty: that is the best way to describe this project. From the good feelings to the combination of different genres, this is something to admire. ‘Rainy’ takes the theme of everyone being in the lockdown of COVID-19 and turns it into something magical.

Seba Safe is a hidden gem in Ireland’s music scene. Pop, folk, indie and R’n’B all in one place? Count us in for this and future releases. This truly is a project that allows listeners to dive into various subjects about life and forget about their own problems, even if just for a small moment.

Seba explains, “The Rainy EP for me is a personal reflection of a time where the world was in lockdown. These songs aren’t about the pandemic but a day-to-day reminder of what was happening in my own life and the country around me.

Dealing with themes of mental health, personal growth, friendships falling apart, immigration and love, I created five songs to allow me to see the whole picture of this time… Being honest is all I strive for in song writing and that’s what I’ve done here.”