Sewage Could Cause Rio Pro Relocation

By Jay Smith

The World Surf League (WSL) showcases some of the best surfers in the world, surfing the best waves on the planet. So when it’s reported that one of the stops on tour is taking place near an outpouring of untreated sewage, the powers that be are sure to take note.

The Rio Pro usually takes place at Barra Da Tijuca, but after Kelly Slater claimed to have fallen ill during the event in May, an investigation into water quality has prompted the WSL into looking at possible relocation.

The thought of battling for priority whilst dodging turds and leftover pizza clearly doesn’t appeal to the world’s best surfers, and the WSL seem to agree. Spokesman Dave Prodan had this to say to the Associated Press:

“I don’t recall another incident, at least in the last 10 years, where we’ve had an issue with water pollution.

“If there is an issue, whether that’s sharks in South Africa or water pollution in Brazil, the sport pivots off the recommendations of the surfers.

“If the issue involves the health and safety of our athletes, we don’t have them out there.”

Having had one of its biggest superstars nearly eaten by a shark on live broadcast, the WSL surely couldn’t afford a surfer having a run-in with a used nappy during competition.