By Kieran Webber

The North West based band SHADER has a knack for creating chorus driven music that is remiscent of Oasis and Kasabian. It’s fun rock n roll for those itching for a sing along. Their latest single is a shining example of their high octane, haymaker of a sound.

‘True To Life’ comes out swinging with an appealing riff that is backed by vocals oozing in cool. It’s a swaggering release that boasts the bands ability to create indie rock n roll with a take no prisoners attitude.

Speaking on the track main writer and lyricist Stu Whiston explains: “True To Life” is about the “self entitled” generation. Everybody wants everything right now and seldom are ever satisfied. It’s about the grass isn’t always greener, so be happy with what you’ve got because you could lose it all in a flash.”

Listen to ‘True To Life’ here:

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