By Kieran Webber

During lockdown and this period of uncertainty music has become a lifeline for many. A moments escape from the chaotic world that we live in. We all find peace in different sounds and the Silver Seeds offer it via their shimmering Brit-pop.

Their latest single ‘Shangri-La’ is a call back anthem to the summer. To good times under the sun, basking in its heat. Jangly guitars paired with airy vocals create a breezy soundscape. A simple pairing that creates an up-beat and infectious sound.

Silver Seeds offer the lister to join them to celebrate the simplicity of life. To enjoy what once was and what will be again. Hopefully by next year we will be clinking drinks in the park, under the sun whilst ‘Shangri-La’ plays in the background.

Listen to ‘Shangri-La’ here:

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