Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Cover Artwork by Jess Pemberton 
Out 25th September via EEL

Back in April Cornish electronic label EEL shone a light on the left-field with their debut release ‘eel.comp1’, blessing the basements, bedrooms and sound systems of skittish beat-seekers everywhere with an EEL family offering of ambient, pulse-skipping, acid-pop perfection. Now it’s time for a second helping.  

This week the label unveils its second release, ‘Primer’, an EP from Cornish producer and modular magician Oh Mr James. With a love for FX pedals, an ear for Nine Inch Nails as well as Aphex Twin, and an synth-whisperer’s affinity with the weird, dimly-lit corners of soundscaping, we’re fairly sure Oh Mr James is about to transfix our listening. And guess what? CLUNK got lucky. We’re all-out thrilled to bring to you the premiere for new single ‘Screaming Banshees’ from the shiny ‘Primer’ EP. Enjoy.

The club turns campfire in ‘Screaming Banshees’ as Oh Mr James introduces a little folklore to frequencies. If this is what howling death-harbingers sound like, we’re ready to say hello to the Reaper. Dungeon echo, spooky electronics and a beat like buckaroo, ‘Screaming Banshees’ will mesmerise your brainwaves.

EEL exist on Facebook and so does Oh Mr James. Go find them.

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