By Alex Salisbury 

Blue Spectre, the five-piece psych-surf instrumental band based in Brighton, describe themselves as “the soundtrack to the stormy British beach party movie that David Lynch will never make“. Taking inspiration from the surf, garage and psychedelic sounds of the 60s they strain them through a filter of Krautrock, post punk and experimental rock.

Their new single ‘Haaf Soul’ is a pulsating ride on a crisp wave, journeying through a hallucinatory fever dream soundscape. The metronome drums and gliding bassline open the track, forming a solid backdrop throughout for the floaty keys and chugging chords thrown over the top.

The track is expansive over the first two-and-a-half minutes, and then strips out everything but the bare essentials, before re-emerging for a furious finale of a guitar solo which quietly dissipates before the concluding flurry of musical punches, accented by the concluding drum roll.

This track is simply fantastic. Your soundtrack to a midnight drive along the coast, on an uncomfortably hot and humid summer night. Highly recommended.

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