Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Courtesy of The Playground PR  

Ka Fu creates the kind of soundscapes you can disappear inside. The Russian-born producer describes his sound as an invitation “into the abyss“, and his latest release ‘Where Everything’s Ours‘ is no exception. These sonic waves are ripe for submergin’. 

So what if the looping synth riff feels slightly like Pingu back from the playdoh grave come to haunt your earholes, we can forgive any quacky bassline when the shaker section is this good. It’s difficult to believe, but way, way back in the history of passive aggressive band rehearsals someone once said that the tambourine was “just something to do with your hands while you’re singing.” Pfft. Say that to the shaker in ‘Where Everything’s Ours‘. Rattling right at the front of the mix like loose change in the gold-lined sky-high pocket of Zeus, Ka Fu‘s shaker takes centre-stage. 

Give ‘Where Everything’s Ours‘ a spin:

Jokes aside, Ka Fu nails the percussion on this track. The bass trips along underneath the crackling mix of synth pad hits, each rhythmic snap echoing deeper into the ambient tunnel Ka Fu digs out. If Rival Consoles sitting alongside Brian Eno sounds like your idea of a super-date, check out ‘Where Everything’s Ours‘, you could just be in for a treat. 

Ka Fu‘s debut album ‘Encoding, Master‘ is out on the 4th October via Hidden Vibes. Get to know him on:



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