Primitive Us’ will give you butterflies right from the sweet, wobbly opening chord. Add some vocals that walk in like Cat Power in cowboy boots – just the right amount of sandpaper on slippery floorboards – and it’s easy to fall headfirst for LISA’s new single. All before the snare has even hit the downbeat.

Born and raised in Montreal, LISA is making music that embraces the quirkiness of everyday. If David Lynch did school discos, ‘Primitive Us’ would definitely be on the track list. The lyrics swing from mountain-high anxiety into clouds of mosquitoes before landing on a very stressful buffet situation, like only the softest synth-pop parachute could.      

Primitive Us’ echoes with a message that fits awkwardly against its bubbly melodies: “We lost the magic, tragic primitive us”. Exactly the kind of odd conflict that makes a track worth coming back to. The glittery interludes of synth make the magic feel achingly close before reality arrives in the guise of a clanging guitar section that blares with fuzz. Not so magical, but it’s a reality-check we’re more than happy to have. 

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