Out now via Vallance Records

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

The music scene in the UK is currently going through a very exciting transformation and there are now a plethora of bands popping up around the country. One of these said bands is Sisteray, a raging punk outfit from London. Recently the band released their electrifying ‘Sisteray Said’ EP a short but wildly satisfying experience.

The band bring simplicity to the forefront with their anarchic punk sounds that seem to be relentless in energy. This EP was designed to leave an impression and it does just that, Sisteray aren’t here to fuck around, they’re here to punch a hole through the music scene.

The opening track ‘Wannabes’ is a vocally sharp tongued number that directs its energy towards the posers of the music world lyrics like “Strike your rockstar poses, shoving shit up your noses, you’re all premadonnas, you’re here today but gone tomorrow” burn through the infectious riffs that dance in the background.

This is followed by ‘Rumour Mill’, a track that is very reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys glory days. Layered in bouncing riffs and seething in attitude, with a thumping all encompassing breakdown towards the end.

The bands hits full throttle with the track ‘Algorithm Prison’ as their pulsing, raw explosive sound is shown boasted in full. The lyrical content of this song takes aim at social media and the suits who construct algorithms that bludgeon adverts into our eyes. The chanting chorus of  ‘I ain’t your target market’ strike true and leave an impact.

Listen to ‘Algorithm Prison’ here:

As this comes to a close the thumping bass line of ‘Sisteray Says’ cruises through into a raucous riff that is reminiscent of The Stranglers. This punchy, percussion driven track encapsulates just what makes Sisteray so great, fast paced punk rock that is dastardly infectious.

Across the EP Sisteray‘s music tackles consumerism, egotistical behaviours and politics. With only four songs to indulge on it’s amazing so much can be covered and so well. It’s a great starting point for a band that shows huge promise and ‘Sisteray Said’ EP is glowing proof of this.


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