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Meg Fletcher
Meg Fletcher

Commercial Music student based in Suffolk, East Anglia. Megan is most known in her area for her portrait photography and passion to help grow the music scene in Suffolk. Alongside journalism and photography Meg is also a lover of fresh coffee and local food!

Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia Skegss released ‘Bush TV’ the fifth track off their forthcoming album ‘Rehearsal’, which will be released on Friday the 26th March.

‘Bush TV’ is an energetic mash of Indie, Folk, and Alt Rock track that invites you to sing-a-long by the end of the track. This will definitely make you want to listen to it on repeat at least a handful of times (such an infectious sound certainly invites multiple listens!).

Listening to the lyrics, the song sounds like it’s about the realisation that being separated from your partner occasionally can be really healthy and that being able to miss someone the other person can make the relationship stronger. Something that is very relatable.

On the same day the single dropped, Skegss also released their music video which was directed by Jamieson Kerr. The video shows the band jumping over a roaring fire-pit, riding motorcycles, swimming in rivers, and performing in a studio.

Excited to see what the rest of the 13-track album is going to sounds like, we will be on standby and ready for what’s to come from Skegss.

Listen/watch to ‘Bush TV’ here:

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