Luke James
Luke James

CLUNK Magazines chief album review guy and a lover of cats!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Loma Vista Recordings

Recently, Australia has thrown out personal favourites such as Bugs and Dune Rats so I thought I knew what to expect when ‘Aussie surf-punk’ band Skegss’ new album ‘Rehearsal’ landed in my inbox. What I got was so much more broader and deeper than that though. The overall sound comes out as a cross between The Libertines, The Magic Gang and Fidlar albeit with an Australian sun kissed twang.

Rehearsal is full of rowdy singalongs such as ‘Bush TV’, ‘Fantasising’ and latest single ‘Valhalla’ which all sound like they’re drenched in beer and declaring each other best friends at the end of a night out. It’s not all party anthems though. Skegss also shows their range with ‘Picturesque Moment’ which almost comes across as a new age Bob Dylan with its acoustic-driven drawl. ‘Down To Ride’ opens the album with an almost country blues feel to it with the lyrics reminding you that life is “no rehearsal”.

Skegss may be covering a lot of genres but the album doesn’t feel disjointed, rather showing the bands range. The production is as loose but it brings that level of raw in the production you’d expect from a band like Skeggs. It’s dirty, simple but overwhelmingly fun.

Each song on ‘Rehearsal’ sounds like it was made to be played in a beer-drenched venue where no one makes it out without a thick layer of sweat. So get your dancing shoes cleaned and your vocals prepped because ‘Rehearsal’ is an album that will have you dancing and singing to the end.

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