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Rating: 8/10

By Alex Salisbury 

Slackrr are one of the hottest properties around on the DIY scene. Their infectious emo pop-punk has made the band one of the most sought after on the underground circuit, with bookers clambering over themselves to secure a show.

In the 18-month’s since they formed they’ve played over 125 live shows, released three singles and a physical EP (which sold out in 48 hours) and they’ve been announced as a Friday night headliner at Isle of Wight Festival.

Recently they released their début album, ‘Time, It Waits For No One’, and honestly, the Southampton based pop-punk trio have absolutely smashed this one out of the park. Scotty Perry (guitar/vox), Caitlyn Bowyer (bass/vox) and Connor Gardiner (drums) should be extremely proud of what they’ve delivered here.

Not necessarily a ground-breaking offering, but, for the genre this is an excellent release, packed full of high-tempo, sing-a-long, angst-ridden anthems, and opener, ‘Asleep at the Wheel’, sets the tone for the whole ten-track LP, with it’s furious drums, driving guitars and fantastic harmonies throughout.

As mentioned the album is a suitably angsty affair, it is pop-punk with an emo tinge after all, with lots of songs focusing on love and lost love, but all performed with masterful ability and conviction. Every track, no matter the lyrical content, is packed full of energy and you can’t help but nod along, featuring plenty of expertly placed drops and stripped back sections bathed in the aforementioned vocal harmonies.

‘Mope’, sandwiched neatly in the middle of this release, brings the tempo of the LP down. This is a bit of a palette cleanser, a more reflective, emotional piece looking at other people’s opinions of yourself, that could no doubt become the anthem for angst-filled teenagers all around the globe. It’s stripped right back to a melodic guitar lick, hints of bass and simple drums for the opening half before bursting back into life with the bands full sound for a more subdued, but still extremely powerful, closing two minutes.

After the crushing heartbreak of unrequited love song ‘Same Old Story’, positivity reigns supreme on the breakneck ‘I Know’. Another track filled with all the musical artistry and perfection of the more melancholic cuts on this album but with an overarching optimistic, lighter tone, during the chorus of: “I know, things will get better, we’re in this together”. It can’t all be doom and gloom, right?

Overall, this album is a hit in my eyes. Musically it’s delivery is excellent with songs packed full of emotion and feeling. Slackrr are a trio well in tune with one another, and with their instruments, and clearly have an eye for writing insanely catchy jams. The LP is a well produced affair, with each element of every song being given it’s place to shine. The glorious harmonies, the bouncy basslines, machine gun drums and guitar riffs are all clean and clear and sound superb. If pop-punk or emo are your thing this album should be on your radar, and more importantly in your basket, ready for checkout.

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