By Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Kieran Webber

Set your alarms for this Thursday or risk missing out on Slaves‘ latest serving of punk sustenance. Earlier this week the unruly duo announced the release of new EP ‘The Velvet Ditch‘. No, it’s not a trippy David Lynch film, it’s not Lou Reed‘s new side project and it’s not a texturally-pleasing innuendo. It’s Slaves, and you don’t wanna miss it. 

We’ve spent a whole year waiting for new Slaves music – the band released their third studio album ‘Acts Of Fear And Love‘ this time last summer – and guitarist Laurie Anderson’s lengthy analysis of the new EP has us counting down the days ’til ‘The Velvet Ditch‘ makes its debut. ‘This is heavy‘. We’re sold. 

Following the release of the EP, Slaves return to Kent in September to headline and curate Wheels and Fins Festival in their home county. As well as stellar picks including Ditz and Lady Bird, the band have added Falmouth-finest Hockeysmith to the bill. Nice one. 

Keep your eyes here for shiny new Slaves music:




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