Words By Kieran Webber | Header Image By Ewan Paton

The West London band formed out of the ashes of austerity Britain in 2018. The came together under a hatred for vapid guitar music and admiration for New-Marxist philosophers. This inspiration helped create an incendiary sound that takes a tongue-in-cheek swipe at modern British society. It’s punk music designed for modern ears yet is reminiscent of artists such as The B-52’s.

Recently the band dropped their latest single ‘Apprentice To Life’, a quick, infectious guitar driven track. Erratic vocals blast over a barrage of riffs, creating a wild, frantic sound. It’s incredibly contagious and has the listener coming back for more.

Speaking on the track Alex (guitarist) explains: “Ash (vocalist) was flicking through a book by some Soviet propagandist and one of the chapters was titled “Apprentice to Life”. With those words in mind I improvised the main riff of the song. Taken from its original context the phrase evoked the mindset of a disenfranchised millennial with a prematurely jaded outlook, who finds it hard to see why the world as it stands should be engaged with anything other than flippancy. It ended up sounding like something you might play at a barbecue which has descended into depravity and chaos with startling rapidity.’

In times as these, bands like Slender Pins are incredibly important. They offer an insight into reality and truth, something that is lacking of late.

Watch/listen to ‘Apprentice To Life’ here:

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