Adam Laver
Adam Laver

Adam is relatively new the CLUNK team but he’s already having a massive impact. His in depth reviews and well thought out interviews are always a delightful read.

Slender Pins are comprised of Ash (vocals), Alex (guitar), Ed (drums), and Rob (bass). Based in West-London, they released their first single last year and have followed up with numerous others. Their latest release, ‘Visions’, is Cabbage meets Queens of the Stone Age, as they combine the best of British punk and American alternative rock to create an attitude driven track.

Alex’s guitar immediately puts listeners on edge with his strange sounding riff. For first time listeners of Slender Pins, it is difficult to pin down where the four-piece are going to take this sound. There’s an evilness to the song that resembles Leeds band Fizzy Blood, particularly their 2015 track ‘I’m No Good’. They have the ability to make it feel as if they are talking directly to you with a discomforting tone. This is contrasted with hints of noughties indie heroes The Strokes, as the off-key guitar riffs and catchy melodies capture the essence of the New York band.

Slender Pins have said the themes of their lyricism “harkens back to the unbridled nature of 1970s new wave and noughties era art rock“, which is evident by the mixture of attitude and well thought out instrumentation. Their observational lyrics are both apt and funny, as they comment on the nature of modern life – This is no idle threat, this is not a negotiation; a mortgage, fat children, retire at 87. These are the ‘visions’ that Slender Pins are so keen to bestow upon their fans.

Listen to ‘Visions’ here:

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