Willow Shields
Willow Shields

London’s least professional music photographer and journalist, can be found most evenings in your local small venue drinking vodka lemonades and being told secrets.

Today, Slow Dance Records release their ‘Slow Dance ’20‘ compilation album showcasting a wide range of the newest, best and brightest musicians of last year and the years to come. With an emphasis on alternative electronic music ranging from all different angles of the definition. Featuring artists such as Platonica Erotica, comfort and Folly Group; the label have released the tracks in singles as a sort of advent calendar leading up to the crescendo release of the full album today. Proving once again that Slow Dance are a much needed and loved pillar of the creative communities.

Some of my personal highlights are sprinkled throughout the album. The first being Platonica Erotica’s ‘ILYSM’ that you can read my thoughts on here. The second being Folly Group’s ‘Fashionista’, another striking, danceable favourite. Their dazzling use of synths, paired with just the right amount of cowbell is yet another example of Folly Group being the best they possibly can be. Folly Group were bound to be a stand out band as they are in any compilation album due to their totally unique sound and pure ability to capture an audience. 

On a seemingly opposite side of the spectrum, Bunny Hoova’s ‘WEAK’ is a slow grooving track with a steady guitar-esq rhythm accompanied by dreamy vocals tying the track beautifully together, making it a must-listen. Bunny Hoova are a Manchester band, seeming to effortlessly master the sound of heartbreak with an electro-twist. 

Cimewave’s ‘BARCODE’ is another solid favourite, with heavy distortion and a grunginess that I cant quite put into words. It’s a track that makes you wish you were in a sweaty club that was once a tube tunnel or warehouse. This track catches you off guard slightly with it’s total difference and musical fluidity. 

Finally, Butch Kassidy’s 10 minute track ‘Heath’ erupts with the most furiosity imaginable after being carried variably gently through the album. Guitars, drums, distortion and panic all greet you when Butch Kassidy comes in. The track then focuses into being an actual song where shiny synths, melodic riffs and a steady drum beat nurse you into comfort before the track builds to eruption once again. In many ways it’s multiple tracks in one; allowing you to imagine yourself huddled between hot strangers, looking up at the band on stage, wondering how you got there in the first place. 

Listen to ‘Slow Dance ’20’ here:

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