By Kieran Webber

Slowlife is a project fronted by Patrick Behrens, a songwriter from South Germany. It was formed in the ashes of his previous indie band In Golden Tears. Patrick was determined to keep making music and thus spent some time at home writing music. After a bit of back and forth he finally found his lo-fi, dream-pop sound.

Recently he dropped the debut single ‘Push & Relax‘, taken from his forthcoming debut ‘Grey City’ EP.

It’s a gentle single that is awash in sultry guitars and hazy synths. Creating a sound that is beautifully immersive, taking the listener out the room. It offers a moments distraction from the chaos of the world. Truly, the tranquility and peacefulness felt through Slowlife‘s music is sublime.

If this single is anything to go by the ‘Grey City’ EP will be a delight.

Listen to ‘Grey City’ here:

Pre-order ‘Grey City’ here.

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