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Northampton’s Slowthai storms into 2021 with the hard-hitting single ‘MAZZA’, the third off his upcoming album and features the controversial rapper’s friend, and US label boss, A$AP Rocky.

The UK MC’s hectic and unusual flow is at it’s best here, informing us he’s still the same old Tyron he always was before the money and the fame. “Feel to revert to my old ways, Cricket tickets, wraps of cocaine, Sticky fingers, shoplifters, We got tools like Homebase” he drops in his verse. Although life may have changed he’s still got his street connects and he ain’t ever far from his old lifestyle.

The beat is simple and stripped back, some trippy synth, some drums and some heavy bass, and honestly that’s all the this pair need to play with. Instrumentally it isn’t a game changer, but it doesn’t need to be, it’s got that right kind of 5am, faded, wobbly vibe going on, which suits the frenetic and wild rhyme style of both A$AP and Slowthai.

A simple catchy hook and a couple of lyric rich verses from two of the best in the business from either side of the Atlantic and you’ve got yourself a banger. Rocky’s opening bars are evidence of how much content is packed into their lines on this track: “Olive, body shaped like a bottle, Popeye off of spinach, Pop A model ‘til she swallow, dropping Tyler off, damn, Light a flame, toss a Molotov, Drop it off, then I Mazel Tov, Pop a whole god damn champagne bottle cork.

This superstar team up is off Slowthai’s sophmore effort, ‘TYRON’, which drops on the 5th February on Method Records. If it’s half as good as 2019’s ‘Ain’t nothing great about Britain’ expect big things for the UK emcee heading into 2021.

Listen/watch ‘MAZZA’ here:

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