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Luke James

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From the first strum of the Placebo style riff it’s clear that ‘Boys in the Debs Suit’ is a track that needs you to listen and Slyrydes are giving you no choice in the matter. Coming off as a mix between Placebo and Fontaines DC, the music is heavy and the lyrics heavier still. ‘Boys in the Debs Suit’ is a song about life in Slyrydes hometown of Galway City where they routinely see posters looking for missing people, some of which are people they recognise. Even though the subject matter isn’t one that will affect me personally, Slyrydes have made the song sound so personal that you can’t help but feel the emotion. The sheer rawness of the music serves to backup this feeling of anger and loss.

Serving as a lead single for their forthcoming album, ‘Boys in the Debs Suit’ is one hell of a signal fire with its crushing riff and raw production. Slyrydes state that they “don’t actively try to write sad songs”. If they all sound as powerful as this though, you won’t find me complaining about the content.

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