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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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Positively perfect, Social Haul teases their upcoming self-titled full-length debut which is our June 11th, with the release of frenzied and fantastic new cut ‘This Is All I Need’.

Packed with a punch and proudly optimistic, Leigh Padley (TRAAMS) (lead vocals, guitar), Daniel William Daws (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Richard Trust (drums), have created an entirely unique sound through the track.

With a backstory of identity crises and moral dilemmas, our protagonist takes us on a journey through his thoughts – “Here our protagonist recognises that others will only open up to new ideas if initially they are rewarded sympathy for their current standpoint”, explains Padley.

With gritty and pervasive vocals, the FatCat Signees effortlessly embrace the punk rock genre with a second to none attitude. Punchy and staccato-Esque vocals shine atop a thumping bassline and rolling drums in a non-stop funk fashion.

Padley’s unique and distinguishable vocals lend the perfect sound to the underlying message being portrayed, high-paced and upbeat, nothing is left amiss.

Listen to ‘This Is All I Need’ here:

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