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By Kieran Webber

This weeks SOTW switches things up a bit with a huge shift in genre, the electronic onslaught ‘Water Water’ by Humans is a groovy, funky track that borderlines on deep house.

Humans explained the track: “Water Water is a song we’ve been singing on our way to the beach since 2009. We took it to the studio and ended up totally redoing it, but keeping a couple interesting melodies and refrains. Whilst in the studio our approach for this song was to layer things using analogue synths and recordings of us clapping until we had something that felt good and smooth and groovy to us. We think this tune shows a more chill side to us, but it definitely reflects something that’s always been there in our personalities. We both like it when our favorite artists change up their style from record to record, so this is the next step of our progression as artists.”

‘Water Water’ is a bass driven piece of electronica that is guided by its funky bassline and transcendent vocals creating a two step dance track.