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Willow Shields

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Sourface take to the iconic stage of The Camden Assembly joined by some other properly good bands

With a mega lineup hosted by InPop presents, Sourface took to the stage at Camden’s iconic venue last night after an evening of properly good music: first up was ZWT and the MSB, complete with a harpist, they set the tone for the night. Next up was Liqourish, bringing 90’s grunge to the stage. With the band feeling a bit out of place in the night, the crowd seemed to keep to the back half of the room. However bringing the heat, Liquorish‘s bassist decided to jump into the crowd and add something to spice up their set. Swiftly moving on, genuinely the changeovers of bands were the fastest I’ve ever seen, Preen were next on. Their effortless 70’s sound paired with the band’s amazing fashion sense seemed to draw the crowd in, filling up the room as if it had been full for the whole night. Preen‘s charm and humorous bits in between songs really solidified their place as a personal favourite of the night.

After Preen‘s almost chill set, The Naked Ra came roaring onto the stage. Bringing what they would’ve called ‘devil music’ back then to the ears of all onlookers, The Naked Ra certainly turned it up a notch, be that temperature or sound. With all of the four members being without shirts by the end of their set keeping up their name (and cheekily going over time) they certainly won’t be one to forget. Finally, after the crowd had been stewing for hours, Sourface took to the stage. Clad in various elements of a suit, the band brought their French speaking charisma and 70’s allure and definitely captured some hearts. Their energy was unmatched and a sight to behold, I personally, strongly recommend you to go and see Sourface for yourself.

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