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Lewsberg join the wonderful Speedy Wunderground label and share single ‘Six Hills’, physical copies available in April

In every movie there’s a moment where the character stumbles, and turns to a wise stranger who with few words can inspire them to do great things, to make big declarations of love or conquer their fears.

This, in short, is the feeling brought on by Lewsberg’s latest single – ‘Six Hills’.

The Indie- rock band hailing from Rotterdam- Aerie van Vielt ( guitar and vocals), Michiel Klein (guitar), Shalita Dietrich (bass guitar and vocals) and Marrit Meinema (drums)-captured the hearts and attention of music label Speedy Wudgeround with their debut self-titled album. Now nearly years and a global pandemic later they are back in the form of the 39th edition to Speedy Wundergound‘s single series. While the virus may have delayed their recording session, it has not stopped the band from creating a track with a fresh and authentic feel, and still managing to pay homage to the greats that came before them with their Motorik drum beats and soft, engaging vocals. They have taken the old and the new and created something of their own. They’ve got the nostalgic detached tones of Joy Division and the pulsating beats of modern indie music.

The label went on to explain that this is a project that has been ongoing, since first hearing them they were captivated, but toyed initially with the idea of working with them. Hall went on to say that part of the band’s appeal was this sense of them feeling like a “secret” and that they might be reluctant to relinquish that.

Thankfully it was a secret they were happy to share.

When explaining the message of ‘Six Hills’ the band explained the “fine line” in fighting for the things you care about.

“You could decide to stop arguing and try killing them with kindness instead. You might find this works instead”.

A digital copy of ‘Six Hills’ is now available as of the 24th January 2022, however a physical copy will not be released until the 15th April 2022 (with only 500 being available). If you cannot wait you can listen to their mini album, ‘In Your Hands’, available now.

Listen/watch ‘Six Hills’ here:

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