Spice Boys - Glade
Out now via PNKSLM Recordings

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

After the successful release of their ‘Spice City’ EP the Swedish garage-punk rockers return with their debut full length ‘Glade’. Throughout the album you are witness to a barrage of reverb laden vocals and mighty riffs. The relentless energy that comes cascading out of there music is immense but wholly enjoyable, it’ short, sweet and very digestible. The sound they carry is similar to bands that inhabit the West Coast of America, think early Ty Segall and Wavves. It’s a splendid combination, a melting  pot of high octane energy wrapped in a fun package.

We start our journey into the chaotic sounds of the Spice Boys with ‘Spice City Boys’, a surf-rock inspired jam that is led by high pitched howls and reverb drenched guitars, creating a jangly hip shaking tune. This aura of “hip shake” is felt through the LP, although it has some punchy riffs and anarchic level of energy it manages to maintain somewhat centred enough to dance to. This vibe is particularly felt in ‘Can’t Turn Back’ and ‘Darling (No One Will Be There)’, both tracks bringing a sense of pure fun and casualness that is almost intoxicating. They also manage to create serine moments with tracks such as ‘Pizza Flavoured Kisses’, a romantic jaunt with a slice of comedy.

Listen to ‘I Don’t Get Around’ here:

However, when they want to go to 11 the band manages to do so. Bringing down their anvil with great force. This sense of chaotic energy is belting through tracks such ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ and the exuberant ‘Cities’, both tracks are interminable with their zeal.

Throughout their debut LP the Spice Boys boast their ability to create zesty garage punk-rock with psyched out undercurrents, their music is not only a bombardment of infectious riffs but also a collection of sweet jams to dance to. It is a fantastic debut from a band that hopefully continues forth with their eclectic sound.


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