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Alannah Williams

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Good Eye Records

Potato-loving New York-based rockers Spud Cannon come out swinging with their latest release ‘Good Kids Make Bad Apples’. A fun pop-centric album that is their most sonically mature yet and finds the band at their tightest sound yet.

Kicking off with ‘Juno’, the first single since their 2018 album ‘Squeeze’, the track offers a breezy and fun start off what is pegged to be one of the most exciting new releases of 2021. In a whirlwind adventure of spunky, high-energy instrumentation and divine lyricism, the wildly electric energy perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The second track, ‘Supersonic’, well and truly lives up to its nomenclature. An instrumental wonder and the indie magnum opus of the album, ‘Supersonic’ is a marvel in its own right. Upbeat and boppy right from the offset, the track features rollicking drums, effervescent vocals, and insatiable guitars. The hooky chorus enthralls and delights in a second-to-none summer track statement.

‘You Got It All (NOT)’ is a boppy track with sharp witticism and jangly guitars that easily make this the most exhilarating on the album. Starting off with colour-pop harmonies and lush vocals, the fourth cut features a range of vocal inflections and harmonious crescendos.

Talking about the song, lead singer Meg divulged the difficulties of penning it – “This song DROVE ME CRAZY!!! I spent hours singing along to the voice memo in my car to work out the melody, and even longer trying to figure out lyrics back in Summer ‘19… After trying night after night by myself, I had pages of loose lines, rhymes, and ideas, but it took a group effort with Lucy and Ari to actually solidify anything.”

‘Lovely’ juxtaposes with delicate keyboard flourishes that hint at a more laid-back and settled track. Transitioning into ‘Sleeper’ we find ourselves in a dreamscape wonderland filled with electronic tinkles and sultry harmonies.

‘P.O.T.A.TO’ is the most eccentric track of the nine, reminiscent of classic ‘Riot Grrrl’ tunes made famous by the likes of Kathleen Hanna. Upbeat and utterly enthusiastic, the cut features overlapping vocals and dissonant instruments that make for a riotous and raucous offering.

Rounding off the album is ‘Easy’, with a delightful instrumental beginning before introducing Meg’s instantly recognisable vocals, ‘Good Kids Make Bad Apples’ is the perfect summer soundtrack.

Hopefully, it won’t be another three-year wait until we get some more Spud Cannon goodness.

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