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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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In the first sneak-peak offering from his upcoming full-length album due out October 29th, Strawberry Guy surprises and delights with the fun-filled and summery ‘Sun Outside My Window’.

Having already sparked a TikTok hysteria with cut Mrs Magic‘, Strawberry Guy is set to propel through the indie music scene with his brilliant sonic prowess.

In a perfect marriage of shoegaze and bedroom pop, ‘Sun Outside My Window’ demonstrates a perfect display of Strawberry Guy‘s fantastic ability to blend romanticism and 70’s influences to create a spectacular offering of vibrant sonic perfection. Sprinkled with lush vocal intonations and breezy instrumentation.

Talking on the imminent album, he divulges, “It’s about seeing the simple things in life and them making you happy. I remember this day when I was really down… looking out the window, the sun beaming in was beautiful, it made me want to go outside – it was simple but made me so happy in that instance.”

Written and recorded over the span of two years, the album taking its name from the titular track is set to be released in late October.

Listen to ‘Sun Outside My Window’ here:

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