This winter has been a long one, to say the least, between lockdown exhaustion, existential dread and the general bleakness of the British winter has taken its toll. However, the last week as Spring has arrived and the lockdown restrictions ease we have been shown a glimmer of hope, a hopeful insight into what’s to come.

In a perfectly timely fashion Bristol-based folk-pop collective Sugarmoon has released the wholesome new single ‘Under The Sea’. It’s a soft, fun, and vibrant new single that is beaming in good times. How can you not be enlightened and instantly uplifted by their soft, gentle sounds and accompanying stop motion video?

‘Under The Sea’ follows their previous release ‘Autumn Leaves’ which carries on their retrospective but fresh take on the folk genre. However, where percussion and acoustic guitar took lead is now replaced by ukelele and harmonic vocals.

Speaking on the track, lead singer Ryan McMurtry explained, “After a difficult year, we felt it was time for something fun. We have been playing Under The Sea at live shows since we started around the end of 2019. We like to throw in little weird surprises for audiences – it’s something to laugh about and remember with a smile.”

Watch/listen to ‘Under The Sea’ here:

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