Matilda Barker Hall
Matilda Barker Hall

The young gun has grown up in Cornwall and has her finger on the local scenes pulse.

Sundiverr has stepped gracefully onto the scene with their new single ‘Sleepyhead’. Oscar Agliano (vocals and guitar), Jack Lloyd (guitar), Alex Timpson (bass) and Connor Powell (drums) have created an undeniably attractive track, combining both grunge heavy bass aspects with dream-like shoegaze aspects.

The track takes no time in getting you to sway from side to side and bop your head to the beat, with each instrument working peacefully  in sync with one another. Both the energy and atmospheric vocals produce a level of escape for the listener to immerse themselves in the sound, making it easy to imagine this band live.

With the band members being local they have spent a lot of time on the Cornish music scene either in the crowd or in their own respective projects (such as Flowers Of Palo and MOPES). They create a unique sound that holds foundation tones of bands like Nirvana or Cocteau Twins, both raw and rock-like yet gentle with a sense of bliss. 

Listen to ‘Sleepyhead’ here:

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