By Adam Laver 

Sunnbrella is the project of Prague-born, London-based musician David Zbirka. The band have already had a debut festival appearance at Standon Calling Festival and support slots with Bdrmm, GHUM, Golf Alpha Bravo and Baywaves. To add to David’s already impressive C.V, he spent 2019 in-between Australia and New Zealand, drumming for Gabriel Winterfield’s (Jagwar Ma) project Golf Alpha Bravo.

David has released his second single of the year, ‘It’s Cool’. There is a truly anthemic and danceable feeling to this song; the uplifting guitar riff that grabs listeners attention at the beginning of the song sets the tone for this contented indie tune. The joint vocals add to the sunlit vibes of ‘It’s Cool’ as the addictive guitar riff is re-introduced in the track’s chorus. Sunnbrella seem to take inspiration from JAWS, Sea Girls and The Academic, by combining melodies that are impossible not to sing back and riffs that runs through the bodies of those who are experiencing this feel-good tune.

The song is accompanied by a retro music video, showing David travelling in a vintage campervan. This works like a treat and coincides with the notion that ‘It’s Cool’ should be present on any good road trip playlist.

David has given CLUNK Magazine an exclusive insight into how the track was written. “I was hanging out with my friend Louise Ferguson one late Saturday night,” David recalls. “We had nowhere to go, no invites to anything, no replies to our messages. We drank big bottles of Strongbow and my laptop was on. I picked up my guitar and jammed on top of a random beat. Louise started chanting what later became the chorus of the song. She ran to get a pen and wrote the lyrics in the other room. It’s about unreciprocated love and also an ode to our friendship. We might have been drunk and lonely, but at least we were drunk and lonely together”.

There’s a bright future ahead for Sunnbrella. If they continue to keep improving at this rate, there is no limit to the heights they can achieve.

Check out ‘It’s Cool’ here: