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Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith

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Supergroup boygenius returns with three new singles and announces their new album ‘The Record’

Three well-renowned singer-songwriters join forces and make one of the most exciting supergroups of all time. Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus are releasing their album ‘The Record’ on 31st March, this is their first full album as a band. The band came together out of sheer admiration for each other’s work, in awe of one another. In 2018 they released their self-titled EP.

Three singles have been released and hold the names ‘$20‘, ‘Emily I’m Sorry’, and ‘True Blue’. Boygenius are known for their hard-hitting lyrics that resonate well with its fans and new listeners. In ‘Emily I’m Sorry’ the vulnerability is so raw, it hurts to listen to because of the relatability.

They are set to perform at this year’s Coachella only a month after the release of ‘The Record’, giving their fans enough time to memorise lyrics and know the most appropriate to do an air guitar.

If you are wanting to see them perform in an intimate setting, then check out their NPR Tiny Desk Concert. The trio are mesmerizing to watch, the way they interact with one another shows how closely knitted their friendship is which elevates their performance.

They are going to become one of the most iconic trios of all time, and people say trios never work but this group are going against all stereotypes. This album will make us cry and we will probably be thanking them for it.

Listen to the three new singles here:

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