Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Joyful Noise

‘The Witness’ is the new album from Montreal based outfit Suuns. Self-produced and self-recorded, ‘The Witness’ sees Suuns taking a more laid back approach and is a marked departure from their previous releases. Of the new release, Joe Yarmush of Suuns says “If you’re willing to stick with us it will pay off. It might take a while to get there, but we will drop a beat for you eventually”. To this end, opener ‘Third Stream’ starts with airy synth, a heartbeat bass drum beat and some vocoder style vocals. True to their word, five minutes in the drum beat drops and it’s a lazy, almost trip-hop style beat that breathes new life in to the song. As ‘Third Stream’ fades off in to the sunset, ‘Witness Protection’ seeps in with it’s lo-fi beats and minimal synth line. When the drums drop in, it helps drive the song while keeping that pulsating rhythm.

Suuns have said of ‘The Witness’ that they wanted to be more restrained and this approach has paid off. All lo-fi beats, airy synths and warped vocals, it feels like Suuns have made the record they want to make. On songs like ‘C-Thru’ and ‘Trilogy’, Suuns place drums over the electronic beats which lifts and drives the tracks while still maintaining the low key vibe. ‘Clarity’ however, is so laid back it will soundtrack your day at the beach. Experimental to the extent that they aren’t afraid to try new ideas, ‘The Witness’ is a subtle record and an easy listen but also one that draws you in to their world. It can be jarring when an artist changes their style but in the case of Suuns, not only has it paid off but it’s elevated an interest in the band.

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