Out now via King Pizza Records

Rating: 9/10

By Kieran Webber

Those of you that know me know that I have a profound love for anything psychedelic, fuzzy or layered in reverb. Imagine my delight when I began listening to the Suzies latest release ‘The Living Room’, an energetic fuck fest of fuzzed out riffs, delicate psych out tangents and reverb laden vocals.

Opening with the punchy ‘Shook’ you lured in by a hip shaking bassline then smacked  by a riotous riff, although simple it is superbly infectious. This simplicity is present across the whole album with delicate sprinkles complexity, particularly found within the guitars side-lined solos that tear through the main body of music. The track ‘Inner Circle’ is a shining example of how they blend simplicity with dustings of complexity.

However, it isn’t all balls to the wall riffs. Through the album you are subject to an array of ethereal tangents that boast the bands psychedelic prowess especially with ‘Space Grass’, ‘Outside Of Time’ and closing track ‘Secret Santa’. Each track offering a different take on psych music, leading you down a rabbit hole of kaleidoscope visions and feelings of an uneasy tranquility.

‘The Living Room’ is a fantastic journey through layers of garage-psych that offers up tasty riffs, freakout tangents and reverbed vocals, this album is a must have for any fan of the genre.

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