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Out now via PNKSLM

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

Swampmeat is the project of Dan Finnemore, former co-frontman of US rock & roll act Low Cut Connie and the drummer of PNKSLM’s own The Castillians, as well as a former member of Birmingham cult act Black Mekon. After skulking in the shadows of Birmingham for ten years they finally step out into the light with their debut release ‘Gin & Tonic’.

Opening with the lead single ‘Brand New Cadillac’ you are thrown into a 50’s sounding rock track layered in fuzz, a fitting opener as it sets the tone for the album, an album that seamlessly pins together the old and the new. This is followed by the fast paced ‘Right here’ and the slick ‘Murder Talk’ a track that is oozing with a contorted swagger.

However, it’s not all fast paced blues undertone rock and sultry folk numbers, the middle point of the album offers up an emotive journey and boasts their songwriting abilities especially with ‘Stupid Kid’ a self-reflective number that is draped in a veil of pain and self hatred. Although we are only shown a glimpse and quickly thrusted back into the chasm of reverb laden belters with ‘Im A Fucker, Not A Fighter’, ‘Crooked Heart’ and ‘Gin & Tonic’.

Across the debut you are subjected to an array of country, rockabilly, punk and lo-fi beautifully mashed into one. At first glance this chaotic mix appears overwhelming but Swampmeat pull it off with masterful ease.