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Saloon Dion kick off their debut tour in style with a rammed show at the Cornish Bank, Falmouth

The Cornish Bank continues to be a true home for live music in Cornwall with a constant array of amazing artists entering their humble stage. This was more than evident last night with the headline show featuring Bristols Saloon Dion. It was the first night of the bands debut UK tour and to say it started with a bang would be an understatement.

It was a night full of beers, sweat, and good vibes. There was dancing, moshing, jumping, cheers, all the elements needed to create a memorable night. During the show it was hard not to look back in sheer enjoyment as a wave of heads filled the Cornish Bank. It still feels surreal that after two years of this Covid rollercoaster that rooms are filling up and bands are playing. It’s so heartwarming and fantastic to see.

Kicking things off was the Devon based band Soot Sprite, who provided a short but sweet set of grungy tunes. It was a great warm up that allowed for some calm before the storm of Saloon Dion.

It didn’t take long for the Bristolians to cement their sound and stage presence, a wave of wonky guitars, gravely vocals and edgy dance moves came consistently throughout. It was hard not to be completely under the bands charm, who have a sound that blends artists such as FEET, IDLES, and Courting. It’s no wonder they’ve been snapped up by Nice Swan Records. It wasn an energetic set that showed no signs of letting up, if anything it kept just getting more intense. If they didn’t have a time to finish I wouldn’t be shocked to hear if they’re still playing now.

Photo credit: Kieran Webber

The highlight of the show came with closing song ‘Deal Or No Deal’, a track that is driven forward by a groove riddled bass and hard hitting percussion, creating a real hip swinging atmosphere. Guitars come out of left view, striking the listener in the face, whilst the vocals burst through. Truly, this is how to close a show, I think I speak for everyone when I say that they could played that song for hours and there would of been no complaints.

Just like that the show was over, the crowd left famished yet hungry for more. It’s safe to say that Saloon Dion, although a relatively new band (having only been formed for a year) know how to put on a show. Whatsmore it was clear that they were having the times of their lives, this is a band that loves what they do. Bring on more Saloon Dion in the future, they’re one of the UK’s most exciting bands.