By Kieran Webber

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Nashville has long been a hub for music, especially that good ol rock n roll. One band that has come cascading through the ocean of musicians is SWEETTALKER. They’ve had notable performances at a variety of festivals and have recently dropped the explosive ‘Paradise’ EP. Throughout the six tracks you are invited on a musical journey through time. A retrospective adventure that has taken clear influence from artists such as The Beatles, Queen and Electric Light Orchestra (to name a few). However, SWEETTALKER remain incredibly fresh sounding, bringing a modern touch to a vintage sound.

The EP kicks off with ‘Tomorrow’, a whimsical opener. The rambling guitars matched by the up-beat tempo and Lennon-esque vocals create a 60’s tinged soundscape. By the halfway mark the track opens up into a chasm of sound, harmonious vocals burst through, a tasty guitar lick shines and horns explode. It sets the exciting tone for the ‘Paradise’ EP.

The whimsy continues with the following track ‘Goodbye’, a song that explores the emotions behind leaving a partner, possibly for the better. It’s a groovy slow burner that boasts the bands diverse sound.

Next up is ‘Little Bird’ a track that shows the bands teeth, bringing forward infectious riffs, licks and powerful vocals. It’s in these moments SWEETTALKER really shine. This is also present within ‘Born To Lose’, a chaotic number that is unrelenting in its energy.

Although the bands sound really finds it’s true strength in the closing track ‘Paradise’, a Pink Floyd inspired epic. It’s filled to the brim with ethereal vocals and sultry guitar solos. All of this comes to a momentous end with a barrage of angelic vocals, leading to a crash of a gong, signifying the EP’s end. It leaves the listener lusting for more.

If this EP does one thing it leaves you lusting for a full album, which cannot come soon enough.

Listen to the ‘Paradise’ EP here:

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