By Tom Tozer

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Newcastle upon Tyne band Swine Tax have released their brand spanking new EP ‘Screensaver’. A collection of four tracks allows Swine Tax to exert some heat onto the world in their usual spirited style.  

Starting things off is the fleeting ‘Screensaver’, a percussive experience that highlights the loneliness caused by technology. It’s a punk spirited single that is incredibly poignent.

Next up, ‘I’d like’ continues with the same pace of the latter, yet with some more vocal focus. A nice guitar riff allows the singer to explore his range speaking of how he would like to do what he likes, when he likes, with no worries. If only. Some tasty guitar licks are present in this tune, making it a catchy one.  

‘Browsing’ starts off slower, but suddenly explodes into a burst of energy. This track features some catalytic keyboards and sound effects. The track mixes alternative with post-punk in a ferocious manner.

The EP finishes with ‘Tory Water’, a self explanatory politically driven track. With an extreme build-up with vocals backed by instruments concluding in a banging array of sound. It’s a track designed to set the listener into a fury, I imagine live this would be a hell of an experience.

The ‘Screensaver’ EP is a cathartic experience for the band and listener. It acts as but a taster of what’s to come from this ever growing band.

Check out the ‘Screensaver’ EP here.

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