Table Scraps Autonomy
Out now via Zen Ten 

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The Birmingham based band have been on the radar since their single release of ‘Sick Of Me’, their garage rock jams and leg shaking riffs were incredibly alluring. Fast forward a few months and we finally have their sophomore release ‘Autonomy’, a fantastic collection of simple yet effective DIY garage rock tunes.

‘Autonomy’ is simple in structure but that doesn’t stop it from being a highly listenable album, in fact it is in its simplicity where this band strive. Only a handful of tracks brush past the 4 minute mark making it incredibly digestible.

The album starts with the bouncing, sugar coated sounds of ‘Sick Of Me’, a track that is laden in reverb and punchy hooks. The tone takes a turn with the following track ‘Always Right’ which allows a sense of foreboding into the mix. The heavy percussion mixed with the deep riff creates an aura of darkness that is devilishly enticing. This level of darkness is also felt throughout the percussion lead mantra ‘My Obsession’, a track that could be used as a theme song for a growing cult.

Listen to ‘Sick Of Me’ here:

Although there are some darker elements to the album it isn’t the main focus, throughout there are plenty of opportunities to get those legs moving and those hips shaking. Particularly in the tracks ‘Taking Out The Trash’ and ‘Frankenstein’ which due to their blues inspired riffs create an atmosphere of cool. You can’t help but let your body submit to their swinging sounds.

However, across the whole album the one track that stood out was ‘More Than You Need Me’, a track that pushed the boundaries of their sound. The ferocious psychedlia mixed with hard hitting percussion creates a whirlwind of sound that is mesmerising, this mixed with the tantalising solo creates a fantastic listen. It’s exciting to hear a band stretch their sound and be comfortable, it would be great to hear more of this from the fledgling band.

As a whole Autonomy’ provides an interesting insight into the musical ability of Table Scraps. They offer the listener a delicious platter of slacker riffs draped in a cloak of reverb, it is delightfully infectious.¬†Throughout there is great potential and it will be exciting to see what they can create as a band.