The Birmingham based trio have come through with the most beautifully 2020 track of the year, ‘Doom Generation’. The track that was recorded before the pandemic is an ode to the fear and confusion that we face in these strange and bleak modern world. It’s the first single from the band’s forthcoming ‘Coffin Face’ LP.

‘Doom Generation’ is a cathartic explosion of crunching riffs, snarling vocals and naturally air raid sirens. It hits just over the two minute line, creating a need for more. Each strike of the guitar comes down like a hammer whilst biting vocals push through. It keeps to the bands sound whilst also being reminiscent of Black Sabbath. This track is a real headbanger that would make Ozzy himself wet his pants.

The accompanying video see’s cameos from other notorious Birmingham garage rockers Cherry Pickles, The Cosmics and Black Mekon. It also features animations of the band sipping beers through the chaos, after all what else is there to do.

Watch/listen to ‘Doom Generation’ here:

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