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Tavie Carey
Tavie Carey

I am a Journalism student based on the north coast of Cornwall. Having grown up a stones throw from Boardmasters , I have always been immersed in live music. When I’m not listening to my embarrassingly vast vinyl collection you’ll probably find me surfing at my local.

Australian psychedelic artist (not band) has announced the re-release of the iconic LP ‘Lonerism’

Whether they produced before your time or in the pinochle of your adolescence, we have all been blessed by the musical powers of Tame Impala. And in late 2022, when they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their hit album ‘Lonerism’ on the stage of the Desert Daze festival, we didn’t think it could get much better. Recently, however, we were all ecstatic to be proven wrong: Tame Impala have announced the ‘Lonersim 10-year anniversary box set’ will be released on May 26th. This 3 LP box set is far more than a re-release. It will take you on the journey of how ‘Lonersim’ came to be perhaps the most prestigious album in the alternative music sphere- including everything from a collection of unreleased demos and never before heard hard demo sessions, to a 24-page feature booklet. Even the cover artwork (designed by Erin Knutson and Immanuel Yang with photography by Matt San and band member Kevin Parker) reflects just what the album means to Tame Impala

In a recent Instagram post Parker reflects on the fundamental impact ‘Lonerism’ had on his music, paying homage to how much the album shaped his musical identity:

“It was a pretty special time making the music for me. In a way, it’s when I truly discovered myself as an artist. Coming off the back of ‘Innerspeaker’ I had this new sense of purpose…calling…whatever you want to call it. I had finally given myself permission to let music take over my being completely…to become totally immersed in my own world of recording music. So I had this new sense of creative freedom. I felt free to be ambitious, weird, pop, experimental, whatever, and didn’t feel judged because I was finally just doing it for myself and believed in myself. For the most part anyway…”

Pre-order the ‘Lonerism: 10th Anniversary Box Set’ here. The box set will be released on May 26th 2023.