Luke James
Luke James

CLUNK Magazines chief album review guy and a lover of cats!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

Tankus the Henge are a band whose members come from all corners of the earth to create a band that are carving a path that is very much their own. Having been staples on the festival scene for many years now, Tankus the Henge are attempting to bring that live energy to their third studio album ‘Luna Park!’

‘Luna Park!’ is an album that takes in many genres and pulls them all together to create something that sounds almost theatrical. ‘Sundance Kid’ swings between a funk fused verse before exploding in to a fantastically pop chorus whereas ‘Susie Sidewinder’ slithers along with an almost Egyptian feel to it.

If I was to mention every genre on ‘Luna Park!’ it would probably take more room than I have on here such is the broad spectrum Tankus the Henge cover. Rather than feel disjointed or indecisive, all of the sounds are pulled together under one beautifully bizarre umbrella to create a sort of cabaret feel.

Although I find the lyrics can be a little on the nose at times, there is an overarching storyline with ‘Luna Park!’ playing the centrepiece as a refuge from the troubles of the world. With an album so joyfully upbeat and unique, you feel like Tankus the Henge are already living there.

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