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Welcome to the world of Teddy Clarke.

Chaos and madness. That’s what this new track from the talented artist, Teddy Clarke, is all about. Something that the masses can relate to when thinking about the current climate.

But let’s dive into Teddy Clarke himself. From writing music in his early teens to being influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Radiohead, Ben Howard and Don Mclean, he’s somebody to admire.

He’s always written powerful and honest lyricism. This is why people resonate with Teddy Clarke’s music and ‘Broken Design’ is no different.

The new track allows listeners to understand the mind of the artist and how articulates his feelings about the current state of the world.

From lyrics such as ‘Show of hands does a sense of danger loom, I turned my phone off to ignore it’ and ‘Take me out of this place, I feel like I am losing my mind’ show off just how strong of a lyricist Teddy is.

It’s not only a track to repeat over and over again, but it is also diving into a world full of confusion and anger. Something this writer loves.

Discussing the track further he states: “I think the world is in a pretty crazy state at the minute. Everywhere you look there seems to be something more insane and scary than the last. I think it’s really hard to decipher how much of what we’re hearing is purely factual. A big inspiration behind ‘Broken Design’ is the scaremongering from the media which seems to have been a catalyst for questioning how much of what we’re being told is true. I personally find it very hard now to believe what I’m being told by the media and politicians as a couple of months later everything seems to be backtracked.”

Listen to the ‘Broken Design’ below.