Meg Fletcher
    Meg Fletcher

    Commercial Music student based in Suffolk, East Anglia. Megan is most known in her area for her portrait photography and passion to help grow the music scene in Suffolk. Alongside journalism and photography Meg is also a lover of fresh coffee and local food!

    London based band, Ten Hands High have released their newest track ‘Sweet’ which also happens to be the first track of their forthcoming EP that is set to release in May. The band have almost reached almost 80k on their 6th demo ‘New York Skyline’ that was released back in 2019 and almost 20k streams on their previous single ‘Silent (With You)’ that was released back in October.

    “The first line of this song encompasses its overall message – “I’ve forgotten what tears taste like, I’ve been sweet for a while”. It’s a song about finally getting over someone you’ve been in love with (or at least thought you were in love with) for years.”

    ‘Sweet’ is a clean-cut, up-beat, funky beat indie track. Along with a funk like rhythm and dreamy guitars you have the lead singer’s calming vocals. Although, according to the band the song is about getting over someone you love (or thought you did) – the song carries such positive energy. If you could make the sensation of the warm sun hitting your face on a cold day into a song it could definitely beĀ ‘Sweet’.

    Safe to say Ten Hands High will be continuing to shred up the live scene in their hometown Leeds as wells as plenty other locations across the UK once restrictions allow so.

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