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London Four-piece Terra Twin shine through the grunge scene with their latest americana and indie-fuelled track

‘Hanging Around’, the latest single from Terra Twin, feels like it’s straight out of an 80’s movie, soundtracking a road trip scene, and the music video captures that same essence as frontman Maxim stumbles around the desert in search of a ride. The band have been making a name for themselves across the capital with their live shows, ushered by bandleader Maxim Baldry, and they’re about to gain further acclaim with this new release. 

Their indie sound is tinged with Americana, following in the footsteps of bands like The Strokes and Pixies, and brings a glow of sunshine to the genre. Despite their grunge sound and the frontman’s Cobain-esque voice, there is a light and airy feeling to the track. As Baldry sings “it’s going to keep him hanging around” you can’t help but find yourself idly singing along and toe-tapping to the drums – a true head-rolling tune.

The softly sung vocals are a nice contrast to the dark lyrics as he explores the messy feelings of navigating a difficult relationship. Despite his loneliness, this track is jam-packed with love, sounds and grandeur that plenty of bands in the up and coming indie scene lack.

It’s clear these boys will be ‘Hanging Around’ a lot longer as they anticipate the sure success of their forthcoming EP.

Watch/Listen to ‘Hanging Around’ here:

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