Words by Kieran Webber | Header Image by Matt Walter

The Chats return with yet another infectious punk banger ‘Dine N Dash’. It is, as always very Australian with boganism at it’s very core.

In the past we’ve seen this band sing about STDs, smoke breaks and pub feed. Now we see them hitting up the eating out somewhere and legging it. They really are one of the funnest bands to emerge in recent years. Each single takes a comic take on a simple, silly situation. ‘Dine N Dash’ is no exception.

To make this latest single even more legendary they have managed to get the Democracy Manifest guy in the video.

Keep your eyes peeled for The Chats’ debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’ which is out March 27th via Bargain Bin Records (pre-order here).

Listen/watch ‘Dine N Dash’ here:

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